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Glazed lava stone basin 01

available in 33 different colours

panorama pure white P8 & nuda burnt NU10 basin

the estimated delivery time is 8-12 weeks

inside glazing

Our lava stone basins can be glazed with any of our solid coloured glazes. Click here to view our solid glazed tiles.

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characteristics — danish design, hand-painted, made in italy

lava stone usage — all areas, indoor and outdoor

Basin 01 is a square basin made of pure solid lava stone. It is carved out of a solid block of solidified magma making it extremely durable and beautiful. Basin 01 can be glazed with all our solid coloured glazes but is also available in a natural unglazed version. The product images showcase a basin 01 with Panorama pure white P8 inside glaze and Nuda burnt NU10 exterior. Nuda burnt NU10 is a honed and burnt natural lava stone which is a brown-tinted dark grey stone with black, grey and red flecks and speckles. Panorama P8 is a shiny pure white glaze which can be applied to either terracotta tiles or to lava stone tiles, lava stone vanity- and worktops, lava stone basins and lava stone boards.

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Glazed lava stone basin 02

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