• Ombre


    Muted colours with gradual shades

  • Cristalli


    Crystallised glazes with tonalities

  • Panorama


    Solid and uniform colours

  • Ossido


    Speckled and metallic glazes

  • Nuda


    Natural raw lava stone

  • Komon Natura

    Komon Natura

    Hand-painted patterns on raw lava stone

  • Komon Tatto

    Komon Tatto

    Embossed metallic patterns on raw lava stone

  • Komon


    Hand-painted Japanese inspired patterns

  • Novecento


    Hand-painted Sicilian inspired patterns

  • Futura


    Hand-painted graphic patterns

  • Cubo


    Hand-painted geometric patterns

Product Types

Nature's finest products

processed to become extraordinary

Founded in 2001, Made a Mano is a Danish company that creates unique and beautiful spaces for where life happens.
What started as a small Copenhagen-based workshop has now developed into a practice with customers from Scandinavia to South Korea.

The founder of Made a Mano, NanaKi Bonfils, first encountered lava stone on a sourcing trip to Sicily. She fell in love with the durability of the material and its untapped design potential.

Adopted from Korea into an academic Danish family, Bonfils was raised in a minimalist home furnished with Danish design. Her parents collected Japanese art and kimonos and the decorations found on these have in turn inspired many of Made a Mano’s graphic patterns.

NanaKi Bonfils describes the Made a Mano aesthetic as Asian-Scandinavian: “a strange mix of what I like and what I grew up with.”

Exclusively handmade

We work exclusively with pure solid lava stone from the active stratovolcano Etna on Sicily. Our skilled craftsmen solely use uniquely developed techniques when they transform the raw and extremely resilient lava stone into everlasting beauty. Our firing processes imitate the extreme heat of the volcano, allowing us to create finished products with a tolerance of down to -60 degrees celsius up to the scorching temperatures of the inside of a fireplace.

Welcome to the world of Made a Mano

Made a Mano offers tailor-made solutions for private homes and commercial projects alike. The perfect fit for ambitious homeowners and international architects who wish to create unique expressions whether working on a small bathroom, a kitchen, a swimming pool, a grand hotel lobby or the exterior of a skyscraper. Welcome to the world of Made a Mano.

Our lava stone products can be produced in almost all shapes and sizes.
Our lava stone products are fired at temperatures up to 1,100 degrees celsius which fuses our glazes with the natural stone forever.