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Welcome to the world of Made a Mano

made a mano is a danish tile and stone surface company founded in 2001.
the early days of made a mano revolved specifically around the impressive volcanic stone of sicily’s mount etna. the stone’s durability and versatile features quickly received acknowledgement by architects and designers.
at made a mano we have always had an equally strong passion for great natural materials as colours and patterns, and as lava stone is the only natural stone in the world that can be glazed and fired – our most iconic tile-range called komon natura was created.
the komon natura range fuses ancient japanese patterns and scandinavian elegance with the natural beauty of the untreated italian lava stone. it is arguably the most intrinsically made a mano range because of its combination of nordic, asian and mediterranean characteristics.


Twenty years later and we now make more than 1,000 different glaze- and pattern-combinations for our lava stone products. Solid pure lava stone is an exceptionally lavish and durable material. The process of carving it out of the volcanic quarry, the handling of the stone including the glazing and firing, represents an extraordinary journey from raw material to end result; premium lava stone products. Lava stone is tremendously versatile and can withstand temperatures from -60 to 1,100 degrees celsius, it is easy to maintain and ages beautifully. Lava stone is brilliant for indoor and outdoor use and can be utilised for wall and floor tiles, planks, worktops, dining table tops, vanity tops, basins, bathtubs, benches and much more.

The popularity of our designs over the years called for a financially more accessible alternative, which is why we also utilise many of our colours and patterns for the Made a Mano terracotta tiles. Terracotta is a traditional mediterranean material which is more cost-effective than volcanic stone. The material is perfect for indoor tiles, primarily for ceilings, walls and bathroom flooring.

All our products, whether lava stone or terracotta, are hand-processed and hand-decorated by some of the most skilled artisans in Italy. This is also the underpinning for our name Made a Mano — a fusion of English and Italian which means ‘made by hand’.

our lava stone is sourced from mount etna on sicily.
we only use solid pure lava stone and all blocks are always carefully selected by our skilled craftsmen. lava stone is an extremely durable and hard-wearing material suited for both indoor and outdoor use. 

the made a mano terracotta tiles are made from refined clays and basaltic sands. firing the clay at high temperatures makes it resistant and well-suited for walls and light-traffic flooring.

We offer tailor-made solutions for private homes and commercial projects alike.

Our extravagant hand-processed products are perfect for ambitious homeowners and international architects who wish to create unique expressions whether working on a small bathroom, a kitchen, a swimming pool, a grand hotel lobby or the exterior of a skyscraper.

Over the past two decades we have made products for projects such as Metropolitan Wharf, Battersea Power Station, Estée Lauder UK HQ, Somerset House, Pantechnicon and Tom Dixon HQ in London. The Manzoni in Milan, Hyundai Card HQ in Seoul, Ace & Tate in Hannover as well as Restaurant Alouette, TorvehallerneKBH, Botanisk Salon, Café Blomst, Gourmandiet, Restaurant Koefoed and the NN07 flagship store in Copenhagen.

We work closely with Herzog & de Meuron, Zaha Hadid, Bjarke Ingels Group, Yume Architects, Tom Dixon Design Research Studio, Faye Toogood, JLK—DS, Sabine Marcelis, Københavns Møbelsnedkeri and Matrikula Studio.