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on this page you will find recommendations for how to take care of our products.
if anything is left unanswered please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Cleaning our lava stone products

use lukewarm water and a neutral mild detergent suited for natural stone. we recommend fila cleaner diluted 1:200 but similar products are adequate. always make sure to follow label instructions.

always only use acidic free descaling agents made specifically for natural stone. 

caution: do not use industrial undiluted bleach, alcohol, acids, solvents or abrasive detergents. do also not use abrasive scouring pads. 

Cleaning our terracotta tiles

the simplest way to clean our terracotta tiles is to sweep or vacuum and then clean with a damp mop. our terracotta tiles are made of industrial terracotta and can withstand regular household detergents.

Sealing our unglazed lava stone products 

our tiles are sealed and ready to be installed when you receive them. however some choose to give our unglazed products additional sealing. for this we recommend the following products. all products should be applied on a clean, dry surface.

filastone plus
is used to seal and enhance the natural variations of the stone. it provides a matte finish yet highlights the character of the stone’s surface. it protects the surface from dirt, water and oil stains.

apply the product with a brush or paint roller and avoid foaming as it will reduce the effect. rub the product uniformly into the stone with a microfiber cloth. make sure to wipe off all excess product. for a deeper, more intense and darker color, repeat the process 2-3 times — wait at least 4 hours between each coat. always follow label instructions. filastone plus is certified safe in food preparation areas.


filafob is a stain protector for natural and unwaxed surfaces. it does not alter the original colour and appearance of the natural stone.

caution: filafob should never be applied on already waxed surfaces.

apply the product using a large, flat paintbrush. rub the product uniformly onto the stone surface with a microfiber cloth. repeat this process 1-3 times depending on the level of absorption. make sure to wipe off all excess product. always follow label instructions. filafob is certified safe in food preparation areas.


brillo is a silicone wax sealer. it brings out the dark and uniform elements of the stone making it dark grey — each application will make the stone darker and darker and ultimately almost black.

apply the product with a soft sponge or cleaning pad. gently distribute the product uniformly on the stone in a well-ventilated space. brillo is certified safe in food preparation areas.

Anti slip treating our tiles

anti slip treatments can easily be applied to our tiles after installation to increase friction. for projects with specific slip rate requirements please contact us — we are able to accommodate with several different production methods not shown on our website.