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Brown terrazzo lava stone bathroom

with 10x80 cm lava stone planks

nuda NU60 tiles

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characteristics — danish design, hand-processed, made in italy

lava stone tiles usage — all areas, indoor and outdoor

This brown terrazzo-looking lava stone bathroom features Nuda NU60 lava stone planks in a custom size of 10x80x1 cm. Nuda NU60 surfaces are brown with white flecks and resembles terrazzo.

More inspiration

Cubo Natura Ink Black CU15 & Nuda NU10

Geometric patterned lava stone bathroom

cubo natura ink black CU15 tiles, komon tatto bronze gold KT3 tiles, natural lava stone top, glazed lava stone basin 02

Komon Tatto Bronze Gold KT3 & Burnt Nuda NU10/Panorama P8Nuda NU10/Panorama P8

Metallic patterned lava stone bathroom

komon tatto bronze gold KT3 tiles, glazed lava stone basin 02