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on this page you will find information on our different materials.
if anything is left unanswered please do not hesitate to contact us. 

General about our lava stone

our lava stone is solidified magma from mount etna on sicily. we only use solid pure lava stone and we never grind or mix our stone with other products. lava stone is a thermal stone which is extremely well-suited for flooring due to its soft and warm qualities. it is water-, heat-, and frost-resistant making it applicable for bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, terraces and more.

raw lava stone is the most durable natural stone in the world. our glazed lava stone however is also extremely resilient as the glaze has fused with volcanic stone in the firing process (1000 – 1500 degrees celsius) making the two components virtually impossible to segregate.

Utilisation of our lava stone

our lava stone products are suited for all areas — indoor and outdoor.

we can produce anything in lava stone — tiles, planks, worktops, cladding, basins, bathtubs, benches, tables etc.

Appearance of our lava stone

the natural colour of lava stone is a medium grey with black, grey, red, white and golden flecks and speckles.
when the lava stone is sealed it becomes a slightly darker grey — and if the stone is treated with a specific type of stone oil it can become darker and go all the way to black.
if the lava stone is fired it will appear more brown — which is why you will notice a different tint on lava stone products that are partially glazed compared to products made of untreated lava stone.

glazed lava stone ensures colours with irresistible depth and unique variations. our glazed lava stone products have natural crazings which will only become more beautiful and more apparent with time.
glazed lava stone comes with beauty marks such as fossils and small turquoise spots. the spots are copper oxide concentrations in the magma and they are especially appreciable on lighter coloured glazes. fossils can appear as small cavities and irregularities. these are natural imperfections and we consider them signs of beauty.