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on this page you will find guidance for how to install our lava stone tiles. for installation of our terracotta tiles no special prerequisites are needed. if anything is left unanswered please do not hesitate to contact us.

Getting started

the installation of our lava stone tiles requires skilled and qualified professionals who can provide the exact specifications for your project. our tiles are hand-made and subject to variations in colour, texture, size and finish may occur.

switch off any underfloor heating before installing.

we recommend unpacking several boxes and planning out the installation. mix tiles from multiple boxes to avoid clusters of tiles that are too similar and to achieve a beautiful and balanced outcome.


solid lava stone tiles can be cut using a wet cutter. always use clean water and cut slowly. to avoid flaking edges we recommend using a diamond / granite disc cutter. 


we recommend using an industrial adhesive rather than traditional mortar for laying our lava stone tiles. use plenty of adhesive to compensate for the natural differences in thickness which may vary with a maximum of 3 mm. please note that larger rectangular lava stone tiles and planks can be slightly curved. the shape can be kept in check by using an appropriate adhesive.


our lava stone tiles should never be spaced with string but always with actual tile spacers. we recommend as little spacing as possible as we think it looks most elegant. 2mm spacing is required for wet rooms and for underfloor heating. always acquire a trained professional who knows the specific requirements for your project.


we recommend choosing grout in a lighter colour or a similar colour to the base colour of your tiles.
nb: if you choose a darker coloured grout, the superficial crackles in the glaze may become darker and more visible. if this is not desired make sure to use a sealing product such as fila mp90 ecoplus before grouting.

we recommend grout from mapei in the colours manhattan and dark grey. we are always happy to help you in your decision making process and with our digital visualiser tool you can also test out our tiles with different grout colours before deciding. we always recommend working on a small area to begin with in order to evaluate before grouting the entire area.

apply grout when the adhesive is dry. to remove excess grout, wash off immediately with water and a sponge. repeat as many times as needed. then wash the tiles using fila ps/87 detergent or a similar product. if a sealing product has been used, the tiles should subsequently be washed using fila ps/87 detergentor a similar product. fila ps/87 can also be helpful when removing stubborn grout excess.