We start with nature’s most durable material, derived from Italian solid lava, and make bespoke working and living spaces for a growing number of ambitious private and corporate clients around the world.

We produce premium products that offer long term value for your investment; products that age beautifully, require minimal maintenance and are naturally sourced and treated. In fact, our lava stone, which is usually between 300-900-years-old, will basically last forever.

It is a priority for us to establish a mutual partnership with each client. Our promise is to deliver second-to-none personalised advice in all aspects of procurement and the process of building with lava stone.

We always welcome all enquiries and questions you might have. Please feel free to visit us in our showrooms in Copenhagen or London, or contact us via email or phone. We always reply within 24 hours.

Shapes and sizes

These are our standard sizes, but lava stone can be customized in almost all forms and sizes up to 150 x 360 cm.

Thickness of lava stone depends on the size and on the application.

Terracotta tiles are produced only in 10×10, 15×15, 20×20 and 30×30 cm.


Edge types

Double beveled
Double ease
Demi bullnose

Physical properties of our lava stone from Mount Etna

Made a Mano provides a variety of durable outdoor options. From terrace tiling to outdoor kitchens and sinks. Lavastone is extremely durable, can withstand extreme temperatures and should be your natural stone of choice for use outdoors – whether it be Saharan desert heat or permafrost:

– Resistant to all climatic conditions
– Resistant to thermal shock
– Frost resistant

Apparent density 2863 Kg/m3
Water absorption 0,79 %
Resistance to bending 14,1Mpa
Wear resistance (coefficient referred to S.Fedelino granite) 0,86
Impact resistance (min. drop height) 60 cm
Compression strength resistance 179 Mpa
Flexural tensil strenght resistance 15,4 Mpa
Tangent modulus of elasticity 32150 Mpa
Secant modulus of elasticity 22450 Mpa
Knoop microhardness 3564 Mpa

The technical data is submitted in good faith and provided from what we feel are reliable sources.
However, we in no way certify to the accuracy of this information as it may be incomplete or inaccurate.
This information should be considered as indicative in nature.
Made a Mano assumes no responsibility for any of the technical data enclosed.

Thickness (cm) Weight (kg/m2)
1 28
2 58
3 88
4 118
5 148
8 238
10 287

Data given in this table are orientative and may change depending on the special features of every lava stone block.


All the benefits of lava stone with the resistance of glaze

Outdoor and indoor surfaces, wet or dry

Easy to clean using household cleaners

Every piece is unique in terms of colour, size and appearance

Surface crazing being an inherent feature

Chemical resistance
Resistant to staining (except Nuda Lava)

Slip resistance
If treated with anti-slip enamel