• Ombre


    Muted colours with gradual shades

  • Cristalli


    Crystallised glazes with tonalities

  • Panorama


    Solid and uniform colours

  • Ossido


    Speckled and metallic glazes

  • Nuda


    Natural raw lava stone

  • Komon Natura

    Komon Natura

    Hand-painted patterns on raw lava stone

  • Komon Tattoo

    Komon Tattoo

    Embossed metallic patterns on raw lava stone

  • Komon


    Hand-painted Japanese inspired patterns

  • Novecento


    Hand-painted Sicilian inspired patterns

  • Futura


    Hand-painted graphic patterns

  • Cubo


    Hand-painted geometric patterns

Product Types


Lava stone

Our collections were originally informed by one of nature’s most durable materials — Italian lava stone from Mount Etna in Sicily. Our lava stone products are therefore our crown jewels and intrinsically Made a Mano. Lava stone is an exceptionally resistant material that requires minimal maintenance. It is forged by nature and processed to become everlasting. Our glazed lava stone products are fired at such extreme temperatures that the glazing cannot fade nor sever from the stone. Lava stone tolerates all kinds of temperature conditions — from minus 60 degrees celsius to the scorching heat of a fireplace.


When we saw how popular our original glazes and patterns quickly became, we decided to create a more cost-efficient alternative to our lava stone tiles. Our ample colour- and pattern-system is therefore also available in industrial terracotta. Over the years our terracotta tiles have become an equally substantial part of Made a Mano. The material is hard-wearing and effortless to clean and maintain, which makes these tiles ideal for bathrooms, backsplashes and for flooring in light traffic areas.