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Made a Mano

danish design tiles and stone surfaces made by hand in italy since 2001

made a mano is a danish tile and stone surface company founded in 2001.
all our products are processed and decorated by hand in italy.

we primarily work with one of nature’s most durable and extravagant materials
— solid italian lava stone from mount etna on sicily.

lava stone is an extremely sturdy and hard-wearing material, suited for both indoor and outdoor use. with this extraordinary material we create tiles, planks, decorative boards, vanity- and worktops, basins and custom furniture.

Cristalli C4

Lava stone tops

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Ossido OSSMP


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Made a Mano Cristalli C12 Nuda lava stone basin

Lava stone basins

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at made a mano we have always had an equally strong passion for natural materials as we have for colours and patterns, and as lava stone is the only natural stone in the world that can be glazed and fired, we had an immediate inclination towards the extraordinary stone.

as our designs became more and more popular we decided to create a financially more accessible alternative to lava stone, which is why we also utilise many of our colours and patterns for our made a mano terracotta tiles.

all made a mano products, whether lava stone or terracotta, are hand-processed and hand-decorated by some of the most skilled artisans in italy. this is also the underpinning for our name made a mano — a fusion of english and italian which means ‘made by hand’.

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